How To Start Selling Content On iTunes Store

//How To Start Selling Content On iTunes Store

How To Start Selling Content On iTunes Store

Create an Apple Accounts

To start selling content on you need to an Apple ID and an iTunes Store account.

An Apple ID can be created by downloading iTunes software from on your computer and creating an account on.

An iTunes Store account can be applied for at During the application process, you may be asked for a US Tax ID (Yes this is required for non-US individuals and companies as well). If you don’t have one already, it can be created at

Content Format

iTunes requires all content to be in specific format to be accepted in the store. Apple recommends using one of their authorised partners to encode and upload the content to iTunes Store. A list of their partners is available at During your application process for iTunes Store, Apple may require you to use one of their partners and may not allow you to upload content directly to iTunes Store.

Besides the content in the correct format, Apple also requires UPC and ISRC codes for all audio uploaded to the iTunes Store. The Universal Product Code (UPC) uniquely identifies an album and helps to ensure you’re marketing the right album. The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) uniquely identifies individual songs. When using an Apple authorised partner to uploaded your content, the partner provides these codes.

Should you sign up directly with Apple or go through an aggregator?

You can sign up to sell your music directly, if you meet all requirements. However, if you don’t meet the requirements, are unsure how to create digital versions of your titles, or if you have other operational or financial needs, it may be best to work with an aggregator. Aggregators are experts in delivering audio content to iTunes. For a nominal charge, they can precisely format and deliver your content to Apple’s specifications, ensuring it uploads correctly the first time. They can also provide you with UPCs and ISRCs, and distribute your music across multiple channels. A list of Apple-approved aggregators is available at

Application Processing

After you have completed the online application for iTunes Store, the application status will be communicated to you via email from After the application has been accepted, you will have access to the iTunes Producer to prepare and deliver audio content to iTunes Store. Video or film content cannot be delivered using iTunes Producer and needs to be delivered through an Apple approved encoding house.

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